Death in the Family

The death of a family member or friend is a difficult time, a time for grieving and dealing with your loss. The shock of losing a loved one often leaves us confused and unable to cope with ordinary routines of living, let alone the handling of the complex affairs of funerals and estates. 

In the event of death of a relative or friend who is a covered person in one or more of your funeral cover policies with Botswana Life, you will be required to produce a death certificate, identity card of the deceased and your own identification in order to claim the funeral benefits. 

To prevent misunderstandings and disputes over your estate in the event of your own passing, ensure that you put a Will in place. Don’t imagine that you are not rich enough to need a Will. Most of us are worth more dead than alive. By making a Will, all proceeds from your Life Assurance policies, Group Life Schemes, Provident Funds and other insurance policies can be properly distributed and your estate cleared without any hassle.