Ill Health

Sometimes we are met with serious and unexpected situations in our lives that may change our lives altogether. These include, but not limited to, sickness such as cancer, permanent disability, major burns, blindness or some resulting from accidents. 

Botswana Life products cater for these mishaps. If you are sick and hospitalised for more than three (3) days, our Mompati Hospital Cash and Mooki Hospital Cash Plan will minimise the financial burden by paying you for each day that you are hospitalised. 

If you become totally and permanently disabled as a result an accident or an illness, then our Capital Disability Benefit will be paid as a lump sum to you or the Waiver of Premium on disability will ensure that your policies remain active by paying the premiums. 

The Major Medical Benefit will also reduce the financial impact of surgical procedures by paying you if you, your spouse or your children have to undergo surgical procedures. 

The Dread Disease Benefit will also pay you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a major illness such as cancer or have a heart attack. This lump sum pay-out can be used to pay some of the huge medical expenses which can arise from treatment or management of major illnesses. 

All these benefits are paid in addition to any benefits that you might receive from your medical aid cover.