Congratulations on starting a new journey in your life. To ensure that your latest details appear on your existing Botswana Life policy, notify us of your new address or surname if you have changed it. 

You should also review your financial position to ensure that your new spouse will be adequately taken care of in the event of you dying before him/her. If you do not already have life cover, then you should take a policy today. And if you already have life cover, then you should increase the sum assured so that the cover is sufficient to cover your spouse’s needs as well. You can consider one of the following products: Mmoloki Family Wealth Protector, Motlhokomedi Life Cover, Professional Term Assurance, Mompati with Life Cover and Offshore Gold with Life Cover. 

If your spouse is not formally employed or his/her employer does not have a pension fund, then you should purchase a retirement annuity in their name to ensure that they will have income past retirement age. You can purchase either a Mompati Retirement Annuity or an Offshore Retirement Annuity. 

Your immediate family has now grown as a result of your marriage to include not only your spouse but his or her children (if any) and parents. The death of any of these people could leave you in a vulnerable position financially, hence you should take out one of the following products to cover the financial costs of such an event: Mmoloki Family Wealth Protector, Family Funeral Benefit, Mosako Funeral Plan or Mogomotsi Funeral Plan. If you have any of these products already, then you can just amend the policy to cover these new family members. 

You and your spouse should start investing now as you start your life's journey together. The proceeds from these investments could be used to finance your life dreams such as travelling overseas, starting a business, buying a house or leaving a legacy for your children. The following products will be good investment vehicles: Mompati Universal Life and Offshore Gold. If you already have an investment policy, then you should consider increasing the premiums on these existing policies. You can attach a Waiver of Premium on all these products to ensure that the premiums continue to be paid even if you are unable to continue paying due to disability or death. 

If you were blessed enough to receive some money as part of your wedding presents then you should consider investing this money to help you out when you most need it. You can purchase a Single Premium Pure Endowment or a Single Premium Offshore Investment. You can also use this money to supplement your retirement nest egg by purchasing a Single Premium Retirement Annuity or investing the money into an existing regular premium retirement annuity policy. 

A major illness could derail you and your spouse’s financial plans. In order to minimise the impact of such a major mishap, you should consider purchasing some of the following products: Mompati Hospital Cash, Mooki Hospital Cash, Major Medical, Dread Disease Benefit, Capital Disability Benefit. In addition, you should also attach a Waiver of Premium benefit to all policies to ensure that you continue to receive the benefits of all your products in the event that major illness renders you unable to earn a living.