Tapologo Retirement Annuity

Tapologo Retirement Annuity allows one to choose level premiums, premiums escalating at 5% and 10% as well as any ad hoc increases. In the unfortunate event that the client gets permanently disabled before retirement, the premium payments will be waived and

Botswana Life takes over the premium payments. The policy will not be made paid up nor cancelled as a result of total permanent disability. While Botswana Life helps Tapologo policyholders to save for retirement, the product comes with a transparent fee structure that ensures that our clients are aware on how their investment is being allocated. Tapologo policyholders are empowered to change their investment allocations depending on their financial sophistication and understanding of the market performance.

While our competitors demand up to 5% as an initial investment fee, with Tapologo there is no initial fee and 100% of the premium is invested. This ensures that the client’s investment grows at a faster rate than it would when invested with our competitors. Tapologo policyholders can choose between local investment funds and offshore investment funds. With offshore investments, the policyholder may benefit from investment returns earned in hard currency as well as from currency movements.