19 Apr 2017

Botswana life recently hosted a Disability Training workshop, with the aim of educating the market on this vital insurance offering. In attendance were employers from various business sectors across the country and their Brokers.

Giving the opening remarks at the workshop was Botswana Life CEO Mrs. Bilkiss Moorad, who highlighted the importance of the training and the benefits the organisation has paid out in Disability claims in prior years. “After doing extensive research as a company, we concluded that the probability of becoming disabled during your working life is about 13%. So while the probabilities may be in one’s favour, the financial consequences are potentially devastating if it occurs. It is in light of this that we, as Botswana Life, have come up with a cost-effective way to manage this risk with The Disability Benefit offered as an add-on to the Group Life offering,” Moorad stated.

Mr. Liberty Nobula, the disability workshop facilitator, led an informative and interactive session on an array of topics like Wellness, Incapacity and Disability. Participants were able to use real life examples for better clarity and understanding.  The Insurance giant has vowed to have continuous sessions like this one, to raise awareness and provide solutions.