Botswana Life kick-off new season of Money Life

Botswana Life Insurance Limited (Botswana Life) today announced the premiere of its financial literacy show, Money Life, which is on its fourth season. The first episode will be live on air on Tuesday 15th September 2020. 

Hosted by savvy financial expert, Lorato Akpata, the show will take place every Tuesday at 13h30 on RB2 and will cover a variety of topics centered around financial literacy and insurance advisory matters. This comes as part of the legacy company’s efforts to empower Batswana to make sound financial choices to secure their futures and those of their loved ones. 

Said Botswana Life Public Relations, Communications and Marketing Manager, Mr. Gabriel Tlagae, “Money Life has been a platform designed to empower our customers and indeed Batswana on insurance and financial matters in an effort to help them secure their futures. As a leading insurer, with a future-forward outlook, we constantly seek new and innovative ways to provide sound financial advisory that makes a meaningful difference where it matters most. Every episode is built to address the needs and concerns of Batswana as they navigate through their life journeys. Our unwavering commitment to being a true partner to Batswana remains a core focus of all that we do.” 

The leading insurer has reiterated its committed to creating solutions through co-creation and collaboration, sourcing new and local talent to carry the show forward. In light of this, they have announced that Lorato Akpata will be the new host for the financial literacy show. An experienced financial advisor, Lorato has a wealth of in the financial services sector. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Suero Consulting, an Accounting and Business Development Advisory Services Firm. Her roles and experiences range from the preparation of financial statements and management of accounts to Corporate Financial Literacy Training and Tax Compliance and Advisory for SMMEs.

“As Botswana Life, we have the privilege and the honour of playing a strong role in driving socio-economic prosperity of our country and our fellow Batswana. We have embarked on a number of initiatives that are designed to offer our clients superior value and access to unique experiences that make a meaningful difference in their lives. This platform is yet another demonstration of our unwavering commitment to being a true partner to Batswana, strongly committed to growing further, together,” concluded Tlagae. 

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