Group Funeral Cover


The cover provides a cash sum towards funeral expenses for the employee / member and his/her nominated beneficiaries. The benefit may extend to parents including in-law parents. 

This cover is available to employers on a compulsory basis (employer pays premiums) or voluntary basis for affinity groups. In this case, employees/members pay the premium to secure the cover.

A waiting period of six (6) months for natural causes of death in respect of the member and immediate family will apply; the waiting period in respect of parents is 12 months. This waiting period may be waived in case of compulsory schemes. 

Extended Family Funeral Cover  

This cover is an extension of the Group Funeral Cover provided on a voluntary basis. It can be attached to both voluntary and compulsory schemes. This cover provides a cash sum towards funeral expenses for extended family.

Relationships that are covered under this benefit are as follows:

  • Children aged 21and above, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, parent-in-law, parent aged 75+, grandmother, and grandfather

A 12-month waiting period in respect of natural causes of death will apply.

The extended family member’s benefit cannot exceed the member’s benefit. In addition, nominated extended family members should be on an equal benefit level.

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