Motlamedi Premier Funeral Plan


Motlamedi Premier Funeral Plan is a bundled funeral policy that provides both cash and funeral service from FSG, easing the challenges of preparing for a funeral and allowing you to have a premier funeral for your loved ones. 

The policy will pay out a benefit of up to P45,000 for main member and spouse and up to P30,000 for children, and through partnership with FSG provide funeral services to the value of up to P20,000 for main member and spouse and up to P11,000 for children. 

The breakdown of the policyholder and spouse benefits are as follows;

  • FSG funeral service: P20,000
  • Cash payment: P25,000

The cash maybe used for any last expense related costs, for example, Grocery, Car rental, Petrol, Electricity, Airtime etc.
The product also has an option to cover a maximum of 4 parents/parents-in-law and 10 extended family members. Funeral services (FSG cover) do not apply on parents and extended family members.

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