Service and Advise approach

Our Service Guarantee

As one of our valued clients, we commit to working with you to determine areas for development within your financial situation and to implement a number of practical initiatives to drive your finances successfully into the future. This Service Guarantee acts as a symbol of commitment for all parties - that your Financial Plan will be proactively pursued and implemented as required.

Our Planning Process

The process that we apply when dealing with clients can be broken down into six basic steps

  1. Initial Contact: Our office will arrange a time for an interview with you.
  2. Fact Finding: During the interview we will get to know each other, answer your questions and collect all relevant data to prepare your plan.
  3. Data Analysis: Based on the data collected, we will identify all the issues relevant to your financial needs. We will assess and analyse each issue to formulate strategies to achieve your present needs and review all available options in order to attain your future dreams.
  4. Recommendation: We will present a presentation which will describe your current financial position. This will include an analysis of your needs and goals. We will provide product recommendations to achieve your stated needs and goals and cover compliance related matters.
  5. Implementation: We will ensure that you are comfortable with the recommendations and get your consent to proceed with the implementation. We will assist you to complete all the necessary paperwork, with client signatures and approvals and lodge the applications to the relevant product providers. You will be kept updated with the progress of application.
  6. Review:We will meet with you on a yearly basis to review your Financial Plan. This is to ensure that it keeps in line with your changing needs.

Affluent Customised Service

Branch Network

Dedicated desk / counter - Priority service given to Affluent clients across the country.

Affluent Lounge

Accessible by appointment only - Lounge to provide access to Affluent Service Consultants.

Digital Channels

Affluent Segments Digital platforms supported by Contact Centre, Financial Advisors / Brokers on selected products -
Customer Portal, BLIIP Platform and WhatsApp Chatbot

Financial Advisors

Accredited Financial Advisors and Brokers supported by Affluent specialists, Affluent para-planner and offshore Wealth Management technical partners.

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