Bosa Premier Hospital Cash Plan


This product is designed to fill the income gap created by long stays in hospital. Bosa Premier Hospital Cash plan is a policy that pays out a daily cash benefit during your stay in hospital, for up to a maximum of 150 days. Cover is extended to your immediate family, namely; spouse and a maximum of six (6) nominated children.

With a maximum daily cash benefit of P2 000, Bosa helps prevent inability to pay medical costs and steps in where your medical aid falls short. Hospitalization is not only limited to Botswana. You and your immediate family members can still claim if satisfactory proof has been submitted that you, or your family member, are being hospitalized outside the country. In an unfortunate event where two (2) or more family members are hospitalized as a result of the same accident, the basic daily cash back benefit for each of them is doubled. Hospitalization benefits will increase by 50% if one is hospitalized in intensive care unit (“ICU”). 

This policy also comes with a no claim bonus payable every 3 years equal to 10% of premiums paid over the 3-year period. There is also a cash back benefit payable every 5 years equal to 10% of premiums paid over the 5-year period.

For a family of two (2) parents and six (6) children, the compound maximum cover is P2.4million in a year.

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